Perfect for system administrators

HddStatus is the perfect tool for the sysadmin running Linux/Unix boxes. Hundreds of hard disk from hundreds of servers can be monitored by simply installing a script on each box. A clean web interface and a PDA app (currently available for Android) are available. Hard disk health history and emails with reports and warnings complete the offer. HddStatus is the answer to real needs and can be extended to fulfill new ones.

Great for desktops and laptops too

Many users have Linux installed on their desktop and laptop. Such users may not have the depth of knowledge of a system administrator, nor the time and patience to check their hard disks. HddStatus come to the rescue in this scenario too, with its neat online hard disk health summary, with user configurable email reports and with the PDA app. The warnings output by HddStatus are expert advice written using an easy to understand language. The extensive installation how-to provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide.