Why loose data?

HddStatus can protect your data by early detecting hard disk failures.

The problem

Computers use hard disks to store your valuable data and even RAID arrays can fail if multiple hard disks have hidden issues. When you need to backup your data or rebuild your array, another hard disk might be unstable and the whole process fail. Are you sure that your hard disk will be able to read some 500 GB worth of data right when no other hard disk is available to help it?

The solution

HddStatus checks the S.M.A.R.T. information reported by your hard disks and, thanks to an advanced proprietary technology (based on crowd knowledge and statistical modeling), can inform you when your data needs attention with expert-like advice. This technology is already partially available in SpeedFan (just perform an "in-depth online analysis"). HddStatus exploits the power of that technology and makes it available on most Linux/Unix systems. This makes it an invaluable tool for system administrators.

Where it works

HddStatus has, by design, very few requirements on the client side. Basically, any system where PHP and Smartmontools are available will be able to use HddStatus.
If your system has any software management tool, you will need to install the following packages (names may vary, depending on OS releases):
  • php-cli (or php5-cli, or ...)
  • php-curl (or php5-curl, or ...)
  • smartmontools
Any PHP 5.x and 7.x should work. The script that needs to be locally installed is written in PHP for portability and compatibility.